Services I Provide and Terms of Business




Attesting documents for use abroad such as Powers of Attorney

Certifying copies of documents such as passports and certificates of qualifications

Declarations for people marrying abroad

Permissions for children to travel abroad with one parent

Applying for legalisation of documents with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, also known as obtaining an apostille

Swearing affidavits and declarations for use abroad

Sponsorship documents

Witnessing and attesting the signature of foreign wills

Overseas adoptions



Notarising company documents

Certificates of Good Standing

Witnessing directors signatures

Certifying copy documents

Certifying the identity of directors




I act only on the basis of these Terms of Business and the Privacy Notice which may be viewed on this website.

You shall and you hereby agree to indemnify my notary business and its affiliates and their officers, employees, agents and subcontractors   (each an "Indemnified Party") from and against any claims, losses, demands, actions, liabilities, fines, penalties, reasonable expenses, damages and settlement amounts ( including reasonable legal fees and costs) incurred by any Indemnified Party arising out of or in connection with any breach by you included in paragraph 8 of the Privacy Notice.


The price for the transaction will be based on my hourly rate of £175 subject to a minimum fee of £80 plus disbursements such as the fees of the Foreign and Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), Foreign Embassies and Consulates, any agent's fees incurred in the legalisation process and postage and courier charges. I will usually agree my fee with you in advance but I reserve the right to vary my fee if the matter is more complex or there are more documents than originally advised by you. Payment can be made by cash bank transfer cheque and card. Payment is due when the document has been prepared which I may retain pending payment in full. I am not registered for VAT.

I neither pay to nor receive from commission from third party intermediaries.


Part of my role may include checking certain facts in the document I notarise for you which may include obtaining evidence or proof from independent sources. In order to do this I will need your full cooperation. If it is necessary for me to add qualifications to my certificate to make it clear I have not been able to verify facts, the document may be of less benefit and no liability is accepted if this is the case.

I store copies of all notarial acts for as long as required by the rules governing the profession. I do not always keep a full copy of your documents or identification materials but reserve the right to do so.


I carry professional indemnity liability cover of £1million through Allianz Global Corporate and Security. I also carry fidelity insurance. Except to the extent excluded or modified by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 (i.e. in relation to personal injury or death) my liability to you is limited to the extent of my professional indemnity liability insurance cover.


You are responsible for the payment of disbursements ie payments made by me on your behalf such as legalisation fees on the signing of the document. The FCDO currently charge £30 to legalise a document Please check in advance whether the document  requires legalisation, also referred to as an "apostille", as it may delay your transaction if this has not been done.     I am not liable for any additional expense caused by the failure to obtain an apostille.

I can arrange for your document to be legalised by the FCDO and Consulate of the country concerned if required. If with your agreement I instruct an agent to do this you are responsible for the agent's fees. Alternatively I can arrange legalisation at the FCDO for which I charge £25 plus postage. If I am instructed to arrange legalisation for you or to post or send by courier your documents, I am not liable for any delay or loss of documents or any economic loss or damage as a result of loss/delay once they have been posted by me, nor am I liable for any delay or loss of documents posted or sent by courier by a third party on your behalf. Neither I nor my agents are liable if your documents are rejected by the FCDO or Consulate or for any delay in the processing of your document at either the FCDO or Consulate as the speed at which they work is beyond the control of myself and my agents.

I must be satisfied as to your identity and address and may need to see your birth/marriage certificates and if applicable decree of divorce and any change of name deed. Where names in your documents are not consistent you will need to explain the inconsistency and further charges may be incurred. I must be satisfied that you understand the document you are signing, have legal capacity to sign and are doing so willingly and that no fraud, violence or duress is involved and that formalities under English and foreign laws are observed. If I am not so satisfied I may refuse to undertake the matter. If you are signing a document on behalf of a limited company, evidence of your authority to do so may be required such as a board resolution. It may be necessary to obtain a translation of the document if one has not been provided. 

I cannot and do not give you legal  advice in relation to the document. You are advised to seek the advice of your own independent legal or other competent professional adviser who practises in or is skilled in the law of the jurisdiction to which the document is  to be sent.

When appointing an attorney, you must be satisfied that the person you are appointing is trustworthy.

These terms of business and the relationship between us are governed by English law and it is agreed that any dispute relating to my services shall be resolved by the English courts.



Regulated through the  Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Please refer to the Regulation page of this website.